Gerard Butler Just Released A New Movie And It Is Being Buried

By Dan Lawrence
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Gerard Butler is a household name when it comes to action movies. Ever since the Scottish actor screamed “This is Sparta” in Zack Snyder’s 300, Butler has been churning out action flicks year upon year often with great fanfare, publicity, and box office success. However, when it comes to his latest offering, Last Seen Alive, there is seemingly no fanfare whatsoever, with the movie being buried despite its June 3rd release date.

Last Seen Alive sees Gerard Butler star as Will, a man driving his soon-to-be ex-wife Lisa (portrayed by Thor‘s very own Jamie Alexander) across the country. When Lisa disappears at a gas station, Will takes it into his own hands to search for his estranged spouse, coming to blows with local authorities and the criminal underbelly of a local town. A solid premise and one that Gerard Butler fans will instantly recognize much like his past work. In the trailer (see below) Last Seen Alive will offer fans a suitable 90 minutes of action entertainment. However, the only problem is that the movie isn’t been marketed whatsoever.

So far, the Rotten Tomatoes page for Gerard Butler’s new flick has a paltry four reviews, a number not substantial enough to give it a rating. Nor are the publications that have reviewed it considered huge household names. However, the likes of Digital Spy have given the film some coverage, reporting on minor plot details and the film’s trailer. In both the trailer and in Digital Spy’s report, it is noted that Last Seen Alive is a Sky Cinema original. Sky Cinema originals are straight to television cinematic offerings and Sky is a platform available predominantly in major European markets. As well as this, Sky Cinema isn’t releasing the film until June 10th. This means that if you haven’t got access to Sky’s programming, then Last Seen Alive will fly straight under the radar. To compound matters, the film was also originally titled Chase, another possible reason why the film has faded into obscurity.

Despite the nigh on no-show that is Last Seen Alive’s publicity, the film is available to stream on the likes of Roku and iTunes, the latter of which sees the film performing well, slipping into the top ten charts according to We Got This Covered, who also applauds Gerrard Butler’s solid performance in the lead role. Butler giving another capable action film showing should come as no surprise given his recent run of form. His last two films Copshop and Greenland performed admirably, with the former being well received by critics and the latter being greenlit for a sequel.

It could well be that the people behind Last Seen Alive have such faith in Gerard Butler’s star quality that simply releasing the movie out of the blue on a variety of streaming and on-demand services are enough to gain traction and those all-important viewing numbers. After all, Butler’s work is often seen doing well on the likes of Netflix, with forgotten movies of his back-catalog given a second lease of life. Despite this, given how Last Seen Alive is already available to view in certain territories via several avenues, it still is quite perplexing that not a lot of people know about it. Hopefully, the film can do well despite the obstacles set against it.

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Gerard Butler Just Released A New Movie And It Is Being Buried

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