Eddie Murphy On The Timeliness Of His New Film You People

1675302056 Eddie Murphy On The Timeliness Of His New Film You

You People is unlike any other rom-com, which is exactly why Eddie Murphy was compelled to star in it. “It was a romantic comedy that was unique because it has this racial conversation that’s going on. The last time you saw that is Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Most romantic comedies don’t have that,” he … Read more

Eddie Murphy’s Edgy New Movie Is Streaming Hit

1675258167 Eddie Murphys Edgy New Movie Is Streaming Hit

Eddie Murphy stars in You People which is now the top streaming option on Netflix. By Chad Langen | Published 11 mins ago It’s been nearly two years since Eddie Murphy has graced our screens, but he doesn’t seem to have missed a beat. The Oscar-nominated actor’s latest film You People is currently dominating the … Read more

Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill’s Netflix movie gets first reviews

1674342484 Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hills Netflix movie gets first reviews

Comedy legend Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill’s new Netflix R-rated comedy film You People‘s first reviews are in – and it is not looking good. The film currently has a 33% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with most critics thrashing the film in their reviews. For example, The Wrap‘s film critic Ronda Racha Penrice said: “While … Read more

5 new Netflix releases to check out, including an Eddie Murphy movie and a Korean sci-fi gem

1674335852 5 new Netflix releases to check out including an Eddie

Netflix recently shared a peek at all of the original movies that are part of its 2023 release slate, including first looks and release dates for everything from Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon to the Chris Hemsworth-led Extraction sequel. The streaming giant has also wasted no time in getting that rollout actually underway, as evidenced by … Read more

Will Eddie Redmayne (‘The Good Nurse’) be the latest Oscar winner for playing against type as a notorious villain?

Will Eddie Redmayne ‘The Good Nurse be the latest Oscar

When it comes to awards, it often helps if voters want to give you a big hug; consider all the heroic, Oscar-winning roles ranging from Gregory Peck‘s Atticus Finch to Sean Penn‘s Harvey Milk. But sometimes you can win for breaking bad, especially if you’re a well-liked performer showing off your acting mettle by playing … Read more

Eddie Redmayne realised how ‘extraordinarily hard’ nursing is during latest film

1665945558 Eddie Redmayne realised how ‘extraordinarily hard nursing is during latest

Eddie Redmayne has said his latest role helped him realise that being a nurse is an “extraordinarily hard job”. he 40-year-old British actor stars in upcoming film The Good Nurse, which sees nurse Amy Loughren become suspicious that her colleague Charlie Cullen – played by Redmayne – is responsible for a series of patient deaths. … Read more