‘Terrifier 2’ Director Damien Leone Teases an Upcoming Horror Movie With Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures

Terrifier 2 Director Damien Leone Teases an Upcoming Horror Movie

Midway into the film, a disembodied voice whispers into the swallowing blackness: “look under the bed.” A young girl named Kaylee (Dali Rose Tetreault) bends down to take a peek, the camera following her gaze. It’s not that nothing happens in this moment, but it’s the anticipation that sends goosebumps racing down the spine. What … Read more

12 Recent Horror Movies That Flew Under The Radar (And How To Watch Them)

12 Recent Horror Movies That Flew Under The Radar And

I, as well most of the horror community, was shocked by the recent success of one of my personal favorite 2022 horror movies, Skinamarink. Why? Because, these days, most new horror movies with an extremely low budget and experimental narrative structure fail to achieve Blumhouse-levels of attention and make back 60 times their budget at … Read more

Jodelle Ferland Shares Her Thoughts on Upcoming Silent Hill Movie (Exclusive) – Rely on Horror

Jodelle Ferland Shares Her Thoughts on Upcoming Silent Hill Movie

During the Silent Hill Transmission video update Konami released last October, it was announced that Christophe Gans (director of 2006’s film adaption of Silent Hill) would be returning to direct an adaptation of the second game, entitled, Return to Silent Hill. We got the chance to speak with Jodelle Ferland, the actress who played Sharon … Read more

5 upcoming horror movies you have to see in 2023 | Digital Trends

1674670471 5 upcoming horror movies you have to see in 2023

There’s no doubt that 2022 was a great year for horror films, with Scream, Barbarian, Smile, and Speak No Evil scoring not only with audiences, but critics as well. Even B movies like Orphan: First Kill and Terrifier 2 were better than they had any right to be, providing the slasher genre with a deep … Read more

Latest Horror News: One of the creepiest movies of 2023 has already emerged as an MCU staple shines under the horror spotlight

1674539890 Latest Horror News One of the creepiest movies of 2023

Image via Neon Happy Monday, murder mavens! After a relaxing, relatively quiet weekend, gorehounds are patiently gearing themselves up for an entire year of spooktacular projects — many of which will be carefully examined and explored in each daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered. As far as today’s roundup is concerned, however, … Read more

10 Haunting ‘Lo-Fi’ Horror Movies Like SKINAMARINK

10 Haunting Lo Fi Horror Movies Like SKINAMARINK

A grainy camcorder reveals dark corners where ghosts (or worse, people) hide, ready to pounce. A soft, analogue aesthetic creates the intimacy between story and viewer—we are there, behind a veil of chiffon, watching fantasy and horror unfold. Or perhaps we feel like we’re watching something from far away, on a hill above a house, … Read more

Infinity Pool reviews are divided, calling Brandon Cronenberg’s new body horror “captivating” and “empty”

Infinity Pool reviews are divided calling Brandon Cronenbergs new body

Infinity Pool, the latest movie from Brandon Cronenberg (son of body horror maestro David), sees Alexandar Skarsgård plays struggling novelist James, who goes on a vacation with – and bankrolled by – his wealthy wife (Cleopatra Coleman) to a luxury resort in an attempt to shake off his writer’s block. When he meets fellow guest … Read more

Three new satirical horror movies you should check out

JANUARY 21 — Just like comedy, satire is a genre that walks such a tightrope that even the slightest miscalculation, especially in terms of tone, can result in what was a perfectly good film turning bad in the blink of an eye. Because satire involves targets, tone and tastefulness play a major part in its … Read more

Latest Horror News: ‘Scream VI’ trailer ignites an overpowering sense of fear as M3GAN compares herself to a notable MCU villain

Latest Horror News Scream could slap the Ghostface ensemble on

Happy Thursday, fear fanatics! The ever-present outpouring of good news in the spooky landscape just continues to rapidly climb. From our thought-provoking WGTC interview with Terrifier star Catherine Corcoran to Leatherface (aka Bubba) possibly leaving the highly popular Dead by Daylight game, there’s plenty of updates to leave your jaws dropped down to the floor. … Read more

Crookston natives’ new horror film ‘LOON!’ debuts Friday at River Cinema

Crookston natives new horror film ‘LOON debuts Friday at River

EAST GRAND FORKS – An independent, horror movie, “LOON!,” by Crookston natives Kale and Charles Eickhof, opens Friday, Jan. 20, at the River Cinema for a two-week run. Described as a tongue-in-cheek mystery about “killer loons” in Minnesota lake country, the 85-minute film is “a natural horror movie made by lake people for lake people,” … Read more